Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mature words

what the heck is that? i just stumbled into a blog which contains the following mysterious link:

it seems fun, though i don't know the exact japanese meaning.

kitty will be:

haha, i definitely do not go to bed early (but i won't object to the latter part, haha, shameless!)

my chinese name "__和" will be:

what? but it confirms that i really am a "pretty"? haha let's vomit!!!!!

my chinese name "鄧__" in english:

so it means i have this ability or not?

my usual name "kitty tang":

that explains why i always live in poverty.

and my online name "kittyshambles":

oh i love it most!!! yes, i do come from Planet Sensitivity.


galaxy said...

haha, 還差你個chinese first name都齊哂 !

kittyshambles said...

hoho... secret.