Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm thinking about history

This is where i lived when i was a child. This is where when i dreamt about going home, i would go back there, and get lost. It is full of trees, songs of birds, sound of waterfall. Blue skies and daisy, daydreaming in classroom, hi-fi's volume competition, this is what my childhood like, of course also with nervousness and anxiety. My childhood's home will be demolished soon at the end of this year, leave in silence.

wow, i lived in one of these house as a child
cherry house, so uk estate, my childhood's home


galaxy said...

you mean home or house/flat ?
I guess you miss the life of your childhood indeed.
lesser and lesser history left in HK.

kittyshambles said...

home = house/flat, 屋企,though house also means the building = xx樓, are you going so rigid about english??!

Cv said...

Oh, it is so sad! 原來你住蘇屋邨!唉!香港真係就嚟無哂d有歷史意義的建築物!好可惜!你記住去影多d相!當年我家樓下的小學拆咗, 我都好sad!

galaxy said...

唔敢唔敢, 只是記得有個教師問我地 what made up of home, 我就答左門、窗、檯等硬件, 其他人就答了family, warm, comfortable等「軟件」, 所以才問你是不是有隱喻吧~~~sorry

Vv said...


kittyshambles said...

Cv, yes, 我細嗰時住蘇屋邨,果度有好多樹雀仔同山,好大自然的,所以政府要拆咗佢起d貴樓,好過份呀, so have u taken the pictures of your old primary school?

haha, galaxy, no need to sorry, i just feel weird about your question, no 隱喻 here and, about your answer to your teacher, i think you are a totally logical left-brain thinker.

vv, no lawyer here ah.