Friday, January 02, 2009

i am a dog walking backwards

this is a new year, a new start for me, a new start for you.

actually i don't have any idea for my future or which direction should i turn (directionless so plain to see, a loaded gun won't set you free...) oh, touch wood, yes, this is new year, any negative thought is not allowed. i remember someone who is so clever but not very wise once said that he did not get on with the future, so they just ignored each other. only up till now i understand his words, so he's indeed clever and wise.

reservoir dog I
before turning a new page in 2009, let me be a dog walking backwards for a few steps and express my deep gratitude for anyone who had showed kindness to me in taipei, singe initially the riddle but then the cute sweetie, ah nan and other suede persons at simple life who took care of me in the absolute choas (well, the choas was not because of brett anderson, it's for the act (soda6) afterwards), and of course (let's clap) the language-master (and multi-functional) ppp who gave me so much which i can hardly articulate, warmed the cold, brightened the grey, spent time with a lonely soul to wander aimlessly or purposefully, enroute or by mistake.

brett anderson, who got the blame and criticism (again) for singing the good old suede, if people who thought brett was just a fallen idol, why did they care to see? You don't need a reason to hate or love someone. i myself think brett was still brilliant, no matter when he sang his solo songs or those suede ones.

he could be a golden boy
jarvis cocker, with english accent and, english humour, still the charming darling, a valentine kept receiving bunches of roses from the crowd, still danced with his unique poses, played dead or watered the roses on stage, his every note and every move was just right, thought the last song (space oddity) which was collaborated with miss yang was a bit weird.


nan said...

dear kitty,

it's kind of like we're litter on the street,and we should take care of each other where ever we are**



ppp said...

哇...nan妳也跑來這裡玩了 :D


能看到更多夢想中的演唱會 :)

nan said...


kittyshambles said...

cheers nan and ppp!!! I haven't seen any recording of that suede+jarman gig, so thank you for the link! i just glanced through it, seems interesting, must download it.

it is difficult to explore a city in just a few days, next time i should find a cheaper hotel (i.e. a real flophouse) then i can stay longer.

oh yes, let make all 夢想中的演唱會 into 現實中的演唱會