Monday, December 29, 2008

don't do anything don't want to do anything

it proves that this blog was the merely the pastime for office life.


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow

just to say hi


kittyshambles said...

wow wow wow
happy new year Vvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!

nan said...

hello kitty,


galaxy said...

咭咭咭....咪響office寫下台北之旅囉 !
all the best in 2009

kittyshambles said...

happy new year 亞男!! wish u have a healthy and prosperous new year! do u have a blog or facebook?

kittyshambles said...

hi galaxy, happy new year! wish you and ur family all happy and healthy! i'm now a 閒人 that's why i said this blog was only a pastime in office, once not in office, this garden is deserted.

nan said...

dear kitty


看了些妳之前的波文,覺得啊,妳跟ppp真是會寫,that's what i cant do,,,me,only want to be is LAZY~~

真羨慕妳去過MBV的live,我的愛團!還有,我對brett新歌的感覺跟妳一樣,坦白說,新歌是在台北simple life才真正仔細聽,哀傷啊,這些歌。

kittyshambles said...

hi nan, oh you also like MBV?! it's pure luck for me to see them cos' i hadn't booked their tix in advance in hong kong, i only bought it in uk (and not through touting), they are absolutely legend.

yes, brett is now the melancholic wall flower, totally different from that queen of the party 10+ years ago, not everyone's cup of tea, only those who have clear ears and mind will see the beauty of wall flower.

oh what a pity you deserted your blog!! i'm also a lazy blogger but sometimes still need a space to rumble.