Monday, December 01, 2008

up the angels

I only got the white sport's album recently. While I enjoy much of the angelic voice of andrew aveling and the guitar of patrick walden, the photos inside are so interesting and cute ... those were the days.

Do you remember him? since that kate moss' photos malarkey, he gradually faded away from the scene (whisper: "circus", oh doherty fans don't hit me!), so did he or didn't he? anyway it's all gossip but James Mullord as a founder of High Society Records and later 1234 Records, i really think he did some sort of good job, at least we have that lovely Babyshambles single and all the wonderful music from the white sport, the bishops, whitey, objects, cazals (oh but i can't recognise the recent cazals, what the hell are they doing?) I seem to be a big fans of these two record labels.

Pin-up time:

oh i never saw such a young and healthy patty, sometimes your dear friends can be hazardous to you, lad!!! (again, doherty fans don't hit me!)

oh wasn't he cute? he named himself as "young adam" and he looked really young there, that's 2004 but why did he look 10 years younger? don't get me wrong, now adam is still looking good, just more gentleman-like, less laddish.

So, is Songs The Postman Can Whistle any good? Sure! but if a postman can whistle the songs of this album, he's surely not your ordinary postman, let's blow him a kiss.

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