Monday, January 12, 2009

the end of the affair

the end of the affair
I really couldn't believe the news. This is the first venue which i came to know, for a long time melody maker/nme reader, i read about its name long before i really got a chance to step inside it.

My most unforgetable memories of it :

suede farewell
farewell to suede
(the tickets must have been overbooked, there were actually too many people, i could see - nothing, but of course that was a great night, a sad night, a celebration night for a great band (which not many people agree), for what they have achieved, for the people there - who claimed themselve as "suede people", those self-centered, self-indulgent but as the same time glamourous people (oh but i'm not saying i am))

"Scarborough" Steve
farewell to Gemma Clarke
that's the notorious riotous night, the christmas party summoned by babyshambles, the ruined party, i felt bad for gemma (for her drumsets were literally decomposing) and i felt bad for myself (for i went there at 7 to queue and stayed until 2 am without any food and going toilet, tolerating to watch tower of london and forsaking moz for petah) The picture above of course is not the cute gemma, it's "scarborough" steve, one of the guests of that christmas party, the one that only those two boys in the band would think he's cool


ppp said...

what?! i don't know about this news until you post here...

always a place to say goodbye,
now say goodbye to a place... :~

nan said...


kittyshambles said...

yes, really, strange that it's always a place to say goodbye, what a shame! i really like this venue.