Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Omens everywhere

Why are there so many people reading The Alchemist now? Michael told me it's good and I told it to my boss so everybody is now reading it, even Miss Pretty in my office. I may regard it as some kind of omens like the book says. Micheal said I'm like that crystal merchant, no I'm much worse than him as I even don't have a crystal shop to hold me back, I'm such lazy motherfxxker so I don't look for any change, too bad, loser, like the title, I'm kept sedated.

The book is actually quite good, a small inpirational fairy tale. It may over-simplify our life and pursuit of dream and the wisdom is also a bit cliche, but sadly cliche is always right. Examples of cliche (or wisdom if you like) :
1. Everything has a cost (yes, that's also the theme of my recent favourite anime Fullmetal Alchemist).
2. Pursuit your dream no matter what, God helps the ones who "dare" to chase their dream.
3. Listen to your heart, treasure is where your heart is.
4. Even if someone fail/die in chasing his/her dream, it's still better than doing nothing.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just start reading it for two days, but it seems very interesting .......

From Miss Pretty

vv said...

say yeah to point 2 & 4

vv said...

my neck is becoming longer and longer.......a lot of fans are waiting for your new post ah >_<