Monday, June 13, 2005

The hand asks noodles first

Our hands stretching out, cling to nothing, like
Our minds howling wild, seach for something, still
We reaching out,
intermingle like intermezzos
spill the soup
have a glut
We shall never be a gang of gloom.

The noodles of this noodles shop "Fish Rice what" got too much artificial flavor and I was quite thirsty afterwards. Actually this picture is also a bit creepy to me.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kitty, I knew your hand.....heeeheeeheheh...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kitty, I knew your hand .........heehe.e.eheheeehehehheheheheh.

kittyshambles said...

who r u? why leaving same comment twice? i may delete one of it

VV said...

Kitty, I don't know your hand wo......hehehehehehheheheh

sonata said...

We just roared, grunted and stretched our hands, questing for something.
We at all times clown to cling to the affection of nobody without realizing it is circuitous routing
Still, evocative picture,looking nonplussed,ranting like impromptu
It is dizzy, nearly barrage out

Upon reading your description of our hands, I have the impulse to utter my feeling tonight. Thanks for your stimulation, kitty

kittyshambles said...

The impulsive lady
No restrain, no contain
Like a bird breaking through its cage
Singing when your heart dances
Dancing when your head swings
Strange, people may tease your way
Nay, this is a blessing only a few remain.

rondo said...

Whenever I ask him how deep is his love
Whenever I demand to be paramount
Whenever I question if I am the unique one
He will answer
“Pari passu”

sonatina said...

If I were a bird breaking through my cage
Flying like canary
Hovering like living in sin
Dancing and singing pleasantly only in dreams
My mind and my character are being brought into disrepute

Ms Pig said...

Please keep this picutre, I will ask for it ten years ago....See? my hand?

kittyshambles said...

"Pari Passu"?
It's the best he can offer
No one can pledge anything to get a higher order

kittyshambles said...

Ms Pig, were you drunk last night? How can you ask me for the picture 10 years ago haha?

kittyshambles said...

Reputation, *sigh*, suffocation
Conformation, *snort* ,asphyxiation
I dance to my own bolero
Though it's condamned as indecorum
I'll bring you my own poison
To end this curse of constant formality
Intoxication, *wink*, bring down hypocrisy