Monday, December 01, 2014

F yeah Hong Kong

The Flaming Lips @ Clockenflap 2014, Hong Kong.
Fuck yeah? No. We are feeling fucked.
This year part of my heart already flew to Admiralty so when Mr Wayne told us to have a smile when seeing their performance, I felt a bit guilty and shame.  When there were people fighting for our behalf, I was enjoying myself and singing
"Those evil-natured robots
They're programmed to destroy us
She's gotta be strong to fight them
So she's taking lots of vitamins
'Cause she knows that it'd be tragic
If those evil robots win
I know she can beat them"
There are indeed evil government machines out there, we all hide and shelter while look for others as Yoshimi.  The stage setting was like a fairyland or in a childish dream, with many psychedelic visions as backdrop.  The confetti rain did give me a moment of bliss.    The whole event was perfectly ended by Do You Realize and Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.  What can I ask for?

Of course what I memorized most was My Little Airport.  Reflective, thought-provoking, french-speaking, kundera and godard quoting and (pretentiously) intellectual, that is the little airport that we love.  They are turning political, yes, and we just love them more.

My Little Airport @ Clockenflap 2014


galaxy said...

最近多聽鐘氏兄弟的「極」,入面有幾首歌都幾貼香港現況, :(

kittyshambles said...

鐘氏兄弟? 唔識呀, youtube 吓先.