Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cloud Atlas

From day one, we knew that it wouldn't be an easy road.  We are facing one of the most authoritarian regimes of the world and we know just too well of its (dark) history, of how it mercilessly silenced its dissidents and crushed every quest for freedom and justice.  Too many people with stockholm syndrome, too many cops with crime of banality.  It's like we are fighting for the impossible.  It's time we have to choose if we want to be an intact tile or broken jade, if we want to be a pig in a cage on antibiotics or fight as a human in dignity (and we may lose and ...)

"Oh to fight is to defend if it's not now
then tell me when would be the time that you would stand up and be a man
For to lose I could accept but to surrender
I just wept and regretted this moment,
oh that I, I was the fool

I don't know where the sun beams end and the star lights begins
it's all a mystery
And I don't know how a man decides what right for his own life,
it's all a mystery"

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