Tuesday, July 31, 2012

There's an empty space inside my heart

Radiohead @ Nangang Exhibition Centre, Taipei 25.07.2012

 Radiohead @ Nangang Exhibition Centre, Taipei 25.07.2012

I did not plan to go for their Taipei gig but due to some unpredictable reasons, I got the chance to go (thanks secret j).

I actually feel quite blank about the gig.  Don't get me wrong, it was a very exciting and brilliant gig.  There were some touching moments and vibrant moments and I began to like The King of Limbs after the gig (as I was not that into this album before).  Magpie, Feral and Little by Little were much more powerful in live.  But the more I tried hard to memorize every lovely moment of it, the more it slipped away easily.  The night was just too fast, too short for me.  Of course it was not short at all for it lasted for almost 2 hours but, yes, I was always greedy and insatiable.

Radiohead was a very personal band to many people and I am one of them. There is always an empty space inside my heart for them.  Maybe that explains why I feel so blank when I have to share it with thousands people.  Having said that, I am still hoping to have the 6th counter with them in London this October but my financial condition tells me that it is very unlikely.

In Rainbow
How coincident! Rainbow over Nangang Exhibtion Centre.  

There was simply "too much" sunshine in Taipei.  Initial plan was to go to the middle part or eastern part of the island but finally I just idled away in Taipei (cos' I was paralysed by the sunshine and the heat).  I declare that I should only go to Taiwan in winter.  But it is still a good place. Good people and good food everywhere.


galaxy said...

still have almost 3 month time for saving money, you should be ok for the "6th counter"

kittyshambles said...

my rationality tells me that i have to save money for insurance and tax payment.