Friday, July 06, 2012


Overwhelmed by routines and trivial troubles, totally uninspired.  It was strange that I did not make any entry about my (not so) recent trip and also the (not so) recent gigs, for those were the things that I always liked to flaunt write about here. My change is intriguing, maybe I become more mature and modest, or maybe I'm really half-dead that even vanity does not appeal to me.

It was absolutely unintentional to catch the last train, I mean, to catch the last glimpse of the Girls.  I did not expect Girls would call it a day so soon so sudden, though people may say so long as Christopher Owens is still making music, it doesn't matter if there is Girls or not.  But I still wish Chris had stayed in the Girls, for his rare androgynous temperament of fragility and sensitivity, his bestowal of series of flowery memories, it's perfect for Chris to have the alternate name as Girls.  Oh it's all history now, anyway it's just my two pennies worth.

My hometown is as depressing as ever.  Flew from the land celebrating its diamond jubilee to land mourning the June Forth anniversary (and that mournful atmosphere extended to the July 1 anniversary), from the very high to the very low.  I numbed myself in work, in routines and now involuntarily in the trivial troubles.  It's like the totem spin in inception, never stops.

london is .... always some nice surprise around the corner, i suppose i'm not yet tired of it (so i'm not yet tired of my life :)   )


galaxy said...

ups and downs made up of life, buddy ! if not, you would be bored.
dawn will come after dusk.

kittyshambles said...

hope so.