Thursday, November 10, 2011

strange coincidence

While I finished the transfer of my Felt cd to my mp3 player, I found a review of the film "Lawrence of Belgravia" the other day, then I heard a playlist chosen by Lawrence on bbc six, got a copy of MGMT Late Night Tales with lovely Red Indians on and now, received an email promotion from Girls with the title "Lawrence" and, it was indeed a letter from Christ to Lawrence. Wow, Lawrence's everywhere. It's almost like turning a wheel of fortune, this round, spotlight. Of course I'm glad about it, he deserves to be more successful. The film review mentioned that Lawrence of Belgravia was a depressing film about a delusional man. What a sad statement! (Though it also suggested that it may just be a celebration as well.)

This is the first Felt song that I heard, from the time when radio in my hometown would still play indie music (or i should say when our radio would still play music, now there're only djs talking). The song still sounds so cool.

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