Monday, November 28, 2011

Fool's Gold

Among all those Sesame Street characters, my favourite is always Oscar. Living in the trash bin, and collecting all kind of junks, huh? is it about me? My family used to call me Oscar when I was a little kid, as they already knew my tendency of collecting junks and keeping all broken toys. Well, I disclose this inglorious past of mine here just because I was too glad to dig out an authentic box of traditional Chinese face powder in a backstreet shopping mall.

I didn't expect that it is still manufactured nowadays, especially still with the traditional packaging. The shopkeeper said it is good for facial hair removal by a thread.

Yes, of course I like to disclose some of my other junks collection:

Tin boxes. Some rusty, some brand new. From UK.

Tin traditional British red post box. Rusty. Brand: Garden. From HK. Found in home.

Tiny jam bottles. Purpose of collection: for storage. (but obviously, I forgot the purpose and just keep them for appreciation.)

Or just any kind of bottles. Beautiful glass for cough syrup or, fermented bean curd.

Anyone got this strange interest as mine, I highly recommend Robert Opie Collection in Notting Hill Gate:

No photo inside. Definitely worth-visiting. Especially for the whole collection of Player & Sons and Craven A.


galaxy said...

「佩夫人小兒咳露」當年好多廣告,唔知而家仲有無呢個牌子 ?

kittyshambles said...

of course 佩夫人 is still available,小兒咳露係橙色櫻桃味,好fancy. 吓,果啲糖唔係嗰個樽架,嗰樽係腐乳樽,啲糖係我放入去架.