Thursday, August 18, 2011

When suede is doing it again

Suede @ AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong 11.08.2011

Suede @ Asia-Word Expo, Hong Kong 11.08.11
singing I can't get enough

This city loved suede. Maybe it still does. Frenetically, people moved with the beat, shouted out loud every word of songs (maybe not for Obsession). Forgetting the betrayal of yesterday, the fact that they seldom pick up any back catalogue and really play it for once, the lukewarm response to the works of the members of the band. Maybe people were generally capricious. It feels like, we all suddenly rediscovered their music and their beauty, we were all so eager for this band (or we were all so eager for a lost era). Maybe it doesn't matter at all, so long as we really enjoyed that particular moment. We did not think much about the past, nor the future. Maybe that's the beauty of that night.

So why? Why do i sound a bit sour? My usual worthless pride and snobbery of being a so-called time-honoured loyal fan? I hope the reunion will just be a rare incidence or, if they will really work together again, I hope our love towards them will stay as strong as what we have shown in that night. For my dear vocalist, though he looks tough and rough, acts like he doesn't care, you know he's definitely very sensitive and cares a lot (oh, how unfair I am, my attention is always just drawn to one person).


ppp said...

oh! my dear dear dear... 所有我想說的都跟妳第二段所寫的完完全全相同啊!! :D

唯一的差別是台北場不能拍照...哎 :p

kittyshambles said...

haha, yes, cos' we both are those elitist loyal fans (esp. to the vocalist) :p

no photo-taking in taipei? then you could concentrate on the show and... you already took many in other place.