Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now is the time

but how soon is now?

Always thought that i should have gone to glastonbury at least once in the lifetime, call it an event, an experience, a ritual, a pilgrimage. The ticket selling said something about the line-up this year, or that's the reason why I could finally get a ticket to the muddy road.

It's astounding to have jay-z, but I didn't hold much dislike to him, just not my cup of tea. What I found even more astounding was to have James Blunt, Mark Ronson, Duffy, Neil Diamond ... (the list goes on) such MOR acts, glasto was turning from xfm/bbc 1 to capital fm. Worse, my cousin liked Duffy so I had to tolerate this woman 45 mins (why butler why?) Worse x 2, i didn't know Helsinki was there too!!! i could only blame myself for not visiting and updating enough fdb.

Having said that, of course I could still dig out a few acts out of hundreds to really enjoy myself. Lightspeed Champion, as cute as in its album. Entertaining and tight, massive Beth Ditto with The Gossip was so refreshing for those who trapped in the muddy ground and rainy sky. Franz Ferdinand, got me to the dance floor as usual. XXTeen, I always missed their show in london, great to see them in glasto (though they received cold reception). Pretended meself as teenager among the gang of The Teenagers. Surprised to see groups of middle-aged men in CSS set, but they were really fun and festive. Charming Leonard Cohen, do i just fall for anyone with suit and trilby and poems? Neon Neon was absolutely brilliant, high - with or without substance, i didn't care, i need that state of mind, if you've ever been high, I really love that SFA man. Bilo and Biggles, should i need any explanation?

mates, i camped in the ditch!!
beth ditto
a very very charming poet
(one of) my favourite part of glastonbury
I have to take to this picture to prove that I was in glastonbury
chilled out in silent disco
maga-mud, sunburnt, insects, lack of hot shower, time-honoured glasto toilet experience - against all odds, a fool still found it enjoyable

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