Friday, July 11, 2008

The Angelic Conversation

obliviousYou'll never fumigate the demons

they hardly met . nor talked . but sang in different time and space . the same old songs . about the highs and the lows and the tos and the fros . how they twist and tore their love apart . if they would cherish each other again . he made dedication to him . he did the same and then worried if he would mind him singing a song . almost a dialogue . it's like if they both bear each other in their own vault of heart . communication in a subtle way . or a conversation in arcady ?


ppp said...

this made me think about one Mercury Rev's song :
"I'll tell you a secret, I'll sell you a secret for a song,
Some day I'll tell you and take you back home where you belong..."

but they already knew the answer, for many many years ago:

Is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind,
and to lie to you rather than hurt you?
Well I'll confess all of of my sins
after several large gins
but still I'll hide from you,
hide what's inside from you...

it's the best and most heartbreaking song at that moment.

and i wish to hear more trip-stories from u, wherever it's high or low :)))

galaxy said...

yo , really brave to lay down on the muddy ground !

kittyshambles said...

ppp, remember that nme bring it on interview? they sang that song happily, john patted the sofa as rhythm, peter was so chubby and at last he winked, (*faint*) i don't know why i mention it ... that's my early impression of the libertines and the song, so i never felt that was a sad song, yes, things have changed, so does the song.

my trip, i feel like i have difficulty in recollecting my thoughts for it this time, i always have strong feeling for those cold and bleak places, so maybe that's why i feel kind of lazy & sedative (oh i really don't want to use this word but that's the word) to use my mind in some warm places like barcelona.

btw, delivery of tired of england will be within next week (i just still haven't unpacked my things...) and ... maybe after reading ur "warning" of romance at short notice, i don't hold high expectation, but then out of my expectation, i found it quite good, ha!

kittyshambles said...

galaxy, that picture was taken inside a disco tent, so it was not too muddy ... i must be under the influence of mirrorball to do something really bold (silly)

britple said...

when i just have a quick look of that photo, i thought u were stage diving!! haha....

love the peter in reddish orange

kittyshambles said...

ha! i would be an acrobat if could stage dive and shoot