Tuesday, May 06, 2008

i fought the law and i won

maybe only banksy who's so lucky to be able to say these words (or no one could really accuse his work as vandalism.)

my little hometown was a bit political recently, or it used to be that way but I never aware. Politics is tiresome and annoying so we tend to not think and talk about it (but to be a conformist is even more evil and depressing). Political talk is the number 1 taboo in any social circle.

So let make political talk at different angle. We have an exhibition of a few Banksy's paint works in the hong kong arts centre last month. Humourous or poignant, I may just react in a wry smile, just like what I do, in face of my society, or err... my life.

Reminder of what Einstein said "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones".

i lost my heart
I really love this one, feeling of loss

gangster rat
read what gangster rat said, celebrate the freedom.
I dedicate the words of this gangster rat to meself, and also to my beloved doherty who is free again. (the title of this article is also dedicated to doherty, though i must sound like the sycophant who's blind to all his behaviour)


galaxy said...

自古有云 : 政治及黑社會都是同樣黑暗,只是一個合法,另一個不合法。

kittyshambles said...


galaxy said...

哈哈,黑社會都可以洗底, 同離婚一樣, offically 脫離了, 但始終都是「欲斷難斷」。 你呀媽係高人喎, 哈哈。

TMK,呢排有沒有聽新歌? 有沒有好介紹 ?

kittyshambles said...

我最近discman未換過的碟就是Portishead的3,雖然他們這麼耐才有新作,但仍然係"好得呀"!我現在簡直上班又聽,下班又聽,上了癮。喜歡Portishead的人要有自虐狂,總要強迫自己困在最黑暗角落,人間酷境,氣氛愈慘愈好feel,我就是有這鋪癮(好變態呀!)其實他們的新碟mp3早了leak了,但我好抵抗誘惑,等正式official release(因好多時如果偷步聽,到大碟出時就無心機聽),所以我現在仍愛不釋手。

另外還有在年頭聽到年中我還在聽的黑人一人組合Lightspeed Champion的Falling Off the Lavender Bridge, 非常清新,少少慘情,少少怒氣,很可愛的大碟,入面還有首歌叫Galaxy of the Lost,你一定要聰啦。 試聽:

仲有一隻可能較接近你的口味, 是電影once的soundtrack,亦不錯。

galaxy said...

等我試下搵先, thanks.