Wednesday, May 28, 2008

four letters word(s)

Love, hate or fuxk?

No, I just mean those four letters code under the Jung Typology Test. Recently my office has organised a so-called self-improvement training and the first task was to find out what kind of person you really were (then you may know your own weaknesses and find ways to improve yourself these rubbish talk). I never believe you can really change your character or personality. It's a murder of your own soul, if you have to change. Saint or villain is almost inborn. So, villain or saint, which one are you?

Jung Test

I am the villain INFP (no, actually they are meek and kind, these useless traits). I think the analysis is quite accurate, especially it says most of the INFPs have imaginery friends in their childhood. Haha, yes indeed i'm one of those psychos (so don't feel strange if i talk and laugh to myself uncontrolledly). According to my career chart (there are numerous interesting analysis of Jung test on interent), lawyer is one of the most unsuitable jobs for INFP, no wonder i end up like what i am now. decaying.


galaxy said...

我係ESFJ !
類似的test玩過不少。 總結係,每隔一段時間再做結果會唔同。

kittyshambles said...

galaxy一定係活潑兼有leadership,但可能太重fact唔講feel喎,(我照字解喳)。會變的嗎?但我時常都check 到是比較自閉怪異,哈哈,都幾似我呀

galaxy said...

哈哈, 在俗世能保持自己貫徹始終,並不容易,懶理別人話"自閉怪異"