Monday, March 10, 2008

cultural town

suddenly. As if you wake up one day and find yourself in some metamorphosis' scenario, everything was changed, my hometown has an artistic and cultural atmosphere. Not only arts festival and international film festival are coincidently held in the same month, I saw so many modern sculptures in everywhere i go.

this figure made me think of those angels (Sachiel) in Neon Genesis Evangelion
i regard it as one of the "Angel" (使徒) in Neon Genesis Evangelion

some people are indeed head over heels for harvey nichols
i suspect that's suggested by havey nichols, someone head over heels in front of it

They are acrobats
keith haring, of course

the indifferent crowd
even if there is hardware, do you think there's software? People here were all indifferent to the exhibition, it was either because, they were really indifferent or, they're too familiar with those sculptures and thought it would be a bit "shallow" to pay special attention to them.

modern eve, chubby eve, working eve, idle eve
as arts are so-called everywhere, of course they're not just in the landmark, modern sculptures can also be found in exchange square. see, they are the chubby adam and eve by botero.

But what i feel excited most was this "mobile art", the exhibition centre is a work of art in itself, by zaha hadid. so what is it about? I don't know at this moment, as you may only enter by appointment and my appointment shall be two weeks later, very popular, so be proud of this city, we are real cultural, right?

cocoon in central
strange object in the midst of central

two aliens was found in the spaceship
it's either a cocoon or spaceship


Anonymous said...

i thought you were in your "real hometown"!vv

kittyshambles said...

Vv, I'm not mrs rich like you, to have small trip to japan nearly every month... err what, skiing! what a hobby for the upper-class. (my tone sounds so sour)

Anonymous said...

我d cheap trip 嚟嫁, 去兩次都只不過等於你回鄉一次之 ma !! haha! vv

Anonymous said...

WOR..... long time havent visit here.... TMK... 你d 攝影技術好勁呀.... d 相又sharp, 又清.... 構圖就唔錯tim wor.... but 我最鍾意 b/w 果張.... dada

kittyshambles said...

thank you dada, i also saw your pretty lomo photos in your blog ah.