Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something must have gone right

Half the world blame him for his living up to his own prediction 20 years ago - to be so sleazy and money-grabing, "re-issue re-package re-package re-evaluate the songs double-pack with a photograph extra track" (Paint a Vulgar Picture in Strangeway, Here We Come). "Greatest Hits" is the album most of the Morrissey devotees despise. Not only that it's creepily coincident with his own version of vulgar picture, it evilly excludes most of his early classics. The omission of "November Spawned a Monster" and "Now My Heart Is Full" is particularly unforgivable (But for my work experience in a copyright organisation, I guess I know the reason). The two new songs "That's How People Grow Up" and "All You Need Is Me" are, well ... good, for a b-side track (oh how can i say this verdict to my demi-god). Having said that, I am not part of that half world who despise it. So, am I the other half who just blindly follow Moz? of course Not. Usually I always hate the idea of those rip-off greatest hits/compilations. That's why I insist not to buy The Best of The Libertines even though that also means I can't claim to have their complete collection, but it's really pointless (...err or maybe I'll buy later if I really have an extra HK$150 to waste). To a very large extent the reason why I love Moz's Greatest Hits is the extra live tracks. Grand and epic. It's all worthwhile just for Life is a Pigsty. And to include The National Front Disco? Ha, was it a provocation or reply (or confirmation?) to the accusation from nme? Sarcasm, humour or pettiness, the dividing line is so hard to draw for an englishman, especially for moz. Looking at the sleeve picture, your arse, haha, do you believe he really intended to make a greatest hits? I still believe his sense of humour.

Your arse Greatest Hits - Morrissey

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