Wednesday, September 05, 2007

can i have any entertainment?

This is art (i call it, don't argue). i'm too bored so let paint a bit. This is rather mark rothko and jackson pollock (yes, i say it, don't argue).


galaxy said...


Anonymous said...

激情派大師 ^_^
bored with your new ball court? VV

kittyshambles said...

galaxy, huh, 好血腥嗎?我感到好生機勃勃woh(因我太沉悶),原本的顏色好有層次及鮮明些,但office的電腦不能把flash save as jpg,現在效果失真變血腥呀。

Vv, haha, 有妳在我不敢認大師,我很內斂,是激情派的相反。new ball court? 我已發現度度一樣,總之工作就係boring