Wednesday, April 04, 2007

He is the colour of the night

He has been condemned to being an obsolete britpop figure. While jarvis and damon remain relevant to the current music scene, all trends-setting authorities have dismissed him as someone who has passed his prime. Ironically a Fallen Idol - a common destiny of the aged prima donna. He does not have any clever or profound things to say, nor does he have any humourous remarks to the daily life or sarcastic observation to declare.... no, all you hear is the words about his own little world - a modern world full of plastic people, a bit lonely, grey, cold and melancholic. He is not whinging. He does not like to whinge. He is just stating the fact of life, nonchalantly, maybe he is just calmly accepting his pain / fate.

Lyrics. Everyone said he lost his magic power. No more gimmick like "he's my insatiable one .. and he wants my inflatable one". Recurring themes and repeating words for all his albums - plastic people, litter in the street, a child within, rain, winter or wind (and of course drug and sex), but anyone reckon that this is exactly his world and he is just telling you the only things in his bleak and unloved world? Numerous reference to sex - symphony of flesh, universe of bliss, not for celebration, it is just something to pass time, an antidote to pain. Ennui? Yes, that is his state of mind (and we all are). Song For My Father - body and words become sand once you go, and one day we all shall go, it's the eternal nothingness or the absolute liberty. Drug? I can see this man is still obsessed by it. It can't be more explicit in Dust and Rain. Talk about recurring theme, is it Pain the subject? "If you're gone I'll carry on but deep inside I'll give my heart to the winter. If you leave I'll take this blade and carve your name into my ugliness." (To The Winter) gosh, I do think it was beautifully written. Lost his magic power? Do people really look into the words?

Music. I think it's grandiose and simple (in a nice sense) at the same time. Colour of the Night and More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves are my two most favourites in the whole album. They both remind me of other favourite songs or music, the former - kate st. john, the latter - the soundtrack of Double Life of Veronique.

Used to be an androgynous glam boy, now the aged diva. Still my dear Brett Anderson.

Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson
(oh the strings was played by The Dirty Pretty Strings, ha!)


galaxy said...

Suede 正式解散未 ? 好耐沒有聽到他們的消息了。 噢......歲月崔人 , 以前的型仔沒有了。

kittyshambles said...

suede 已於2003年解散了,咁記得是因為當年冒著被解僱之險,老闆不批凖的情况下都要飛去睇最後嗰場。是呀,brett真是十分蒼老,不是歲月催人,只是他不太珍惜自己之美貌,吸太多毒。

ppp said...

「當年冒著被解僱之險,老闆不批凖的情况下都要飛去睇最後嗰場。」奇怪... 我竟然不知道, 最後一場suede演唱會妳也在現場!! (還是妳曾說過但我竟然忘了?!) 而我的任性作為, 如妳完全一樣!!
"Colour of the Night and More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves are my two most favourites in the whole album." ---> 這一點我也跟妳完全一樣!! haha

讀到這篇, 感覺實在很貼近自己的心情, 總想著要試圖寫下對於這張專輯的感想, 但一直沒有寫下, 也是之後會試試看... :p

Vv said...

「當年冒著被解僱之險,老闆不批凖的情况下都要飛去睇最後嗰場。」...... 我都唔知喎 tmk >_<

kittyshambles said...



Vv said...

E, 講起先斬後奏呢個term, 我又好似有d 印象喎