Sunday, March 25, 2007

My own private library

I should have put it in my own albion but I don't have any impulse to update it anymore. So i put it here, when i still remember, still bother. Well, i may update it to my site one day, who knows, but not now. The site was dedicated to that one and only band. Yes, i'm still fond of its subsequent subdivisions but nothing compare to the east london pub band, and frankly I even do not want them to reunion. Time cannot be turned back to 2002 which i consider as their heyday - bound by intense love, ideas and songs, lived in poverty and poetry, typical bohemian, absolute beautiful. The band shall stay intact in my heart (no matter what the subdivisions become) and my site shall accordingly also stay intact on the net (series of pretext for my own laziness).

The shambolic minstrel (or scoundrel some may say) is extra-ordinarily well-read. There are numerous cultural, geographical or literature references in the song titles, or it's pure coincidence, am i just thinking too much?

A Fool There Was - a film starring the mysterious Theda Bara, story of femme fatale, how a decent moral man got corrupted by a dangerous woman and err... took his road to ruin. The film was actually based on a play by Porter Emerson Browne.

Charming Theda Bara in A Fool There Was

A'Rebours - Against Nature, by J. K. Huysmans

Albion - Blake's painting of Albion

Albion as England - A Little Boy Lost, again, by William Blake, Curse of Minerva by Lord Byron and ... err England Is Mine: Pop Life In Albion from Wilde to Goldie by Michael Bracewell

Arbeit Macht Frei - Work is Freedom

Arcady - Eclogues by Virgil

Back From The Dead - it's a horror film! (well, you know it just by the name)

Boys In The Band - The Boys In the Band, gay film in 1970 (very indicative)

Killamangiro - kill a man for giro, well, everyone knows it, but why did he put the words together? I wonder if it's because of the highest mountain in Africa. Mountain Kilimanjaro, ha!

Lady Don't Fall Backwards - by Joan Le Mesurier. Joan Le Mesurier was the wife of actor John Le Mesurier, best friend of Tony Hancock and ... (very complicated) Joan and Hancock had an affair but John forgave them both ...
...err, actually, it first appeared in here:

a book written by Darcy Sarto? ha!

Love On The Dole - by Walter Greenwood

Lust Of The Libertines - by The Marquis de Sade

Mocking Bird - obviously, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

My Darling Clementine - a Western film starring Henry Fonda

Radio America - probably you'll never hear any The Libertines on this station

Road To Ruin - by Ramones

Sally Brown - no need to be introduced

I like her brother Charlie more cos' he's the natural born loser like me

Tell The King - "Tell the king the sky is falling!" well, two of my most favourite bands made reference to the old english fable

That Bowery Song - The Bowery of NYC (where he met the dealer, brought him to hotel room, being late to the gig and things started to turn sour)

The Boy Looked at Johnny - by Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons

Hey, it's johnny rotten, of course not johnny borrell!

The Ha Ha Wall - the hidden wall to divide places. These walls are invisible from the house to ensure a beautiful garden view. These walls are not funny, ha-ha is just the exclamation of people who discovered those walls.

The Man Who Would Be King - by Rudyard Kipling

Through The Looking Glass - by Lewis Carroll

Vertigo -

a film by Hitchcock, or the record label?

What Katie Did - What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge. The song of course has nothing to do with this children's book. I think the song has made more reference to There She Goes by The La's.

What Became Of The Likely Lads - Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads, that's The Likely Lads series in the 70's, you may still find it in hmv.

*Edit on 27 Mar 2007:
I've just read this week nme, oh, what a coincidence! It talks about reference behind songs, err, of course mine is more complete than that hype champion magazine (smug again^^) But yes, i have to add : The Narcissist - by ancient Greek myth and Picture of Dorian Gray by Wilde


britple said...

i have same thought on killamangiro! hahahaha

kittyshambles said...

...hmm, i am quite sure that was what exactly peter thought about when he made the song title as killamangiro (cos we know him so well, haha (vomit!))i mean, it was kind of words game that peter likes to play.

galaxy said...

who is not the loser if you look on the other side of someone

kittyshambles said...

thanks galaxy, but since i was small i just found a strange resonance with Charlie Brown, cos' he's so clumsy, always out of place, out of time, or Peppermint Patty, cos'... haha, she's so mannish.