Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two men, one soul

Are you still shaking out all dead wood from your bed
Live @ Brixton, London 4 December 2006

This was my third time this year to watch Dirty Pretty Things, how time and space matches each other, and of course I do like this band. Brixton was not a good venue, maybe I never like any big one. Wince not, I was compensated by the choice of songs. Glad to hear One To My Left, my most favourite b-side of dpt at the moment, and the unforgetable The Good Old Days (yes how can we forget the good old days). Gin & Milk was played extremely fast and smooth (and that's the best version I've ever heard). Lighting ciggies for Stan, you know mr barat has shaken out his dead wood, he with Stan are a perfect couple now. My only complaint (besides the venue) was, Carl didn't take off his clothes! Isn't all dpt gig a saucy indie boys strip show??! No, no disrespect here, but I must admit my liking for seeing mr. barat's naked body (albeit a bit chubby now).

That white strap looks like a bra strap

Now the wood is all dead, but you still smile like a child
Live @ Apollo Theatre, London 7 December 2006

"What's it really like now it's been a long long time since I've step outside .." Yes, it was indeed such a long time since I last saw Babyshambles. The history of mr doherty did discourage me to make any overseas booking. Call it a summons or spell (or curse), I took the risk. In fact the decision to go to uk again was all because of Babyshambles. I really miss this band (or the person to be exactly). Hate to see all tabloid news of Peter (it was a bit crazy, for my short stay in uk, I could find his news everyday in such tabloid), hate to meet all idiotic fans just love this tacky cliche of sex-drug-rockn'roll-oh-it's-so-cool, it all belittles this band and this man. My belief proves true, my loyalty pays off. Babyshambles was absolutely brilliant, yeah, they could be messy and shambolic (and it's no stranger to me, or even go absence), but when they show their true colour, all you feel is joy and bathing in the arcadian bliss (can anyone feel that i am going to be oblivious and insane now, i can't stop praising them). I am not exaggerated to say that when I saw their gig, I couldn't stop to think how their lyrics "So here comes the delivery, straight from the heart of misery" was so true and appropriate. Sorry I couldn't remember exactly the setlists, but the highlight (for me) was (it's all so predictable) sedative, you talk, fuck forever, what katie did, albion and of course time for heroes.

Great, there was only one song with The General

Sometimes I feel so strange that no matter how shambolic and druggy Babyshambles are, I still feel the joy, angelic and the childish care-free of their music, just like no matter how decent and gentle Dirty Pretty Things are (don't say clean, they are not), I still feel the demons, frustration and heaviness of their music. Two sides of the arcady.


elptirb said...

oh how i miss my time in england... but it's still good to hear you going back again and taste it all over again. 'let me back i promise to be good...'

kamlibertine said...

At least,we could see the nearly tear off t shirt of Mr.Carl.
Peter's music could electrify you but he was not approachable this time. He is a superstar now and boyfriend of supermodel!

galaxy said...

hmmm...... 又想睇裸男 !
你一直講得咁正, 真的要找 Dirty Pretty Things 的碟來聽聽, 這裡好少推介他們, 我只在MuchMusic看過一次他們的MV。

kittyshambles said...

elptirb, me too, you know, it's the iron rule that life is elsewhere ....

kamlibertine, yes, he is the caged bird now (or you should try to befriend with paul).

galaxy, haha, i only want to see the handsome裸男. Yes, please buy their cd, catchy and rock, and.. they need your money (i mean it seriously).

ppp said...

great! thanks for your review!!!
it's a wonderful trip, dpt and bs...

my favorite ones are similar to yours, i would like to hear the live version of "one to my left" and "sedative". but i prefer carl don't sing "good old days" with dpt, i had heard once in their bootleg, i felt... so strange, to be honest.

are you still shaking out all the dead wood from your bed, love? / well times don't change / are you still thinking of all of those pretty rhymes for love to bind / oh, no you really don't have to ...

coincidentally, peter re-recorded this song in the near session, always i love when he sang: "i remember ...... every single thing you said to me..."

i remember ......
every single thing you said to me :)
i'm dreaming fly to england arcadia, as well.