Thursday, December 14, 2006

Take me by the hand now, Waterloo to anywhere

So where the story begins
or in fact there's no beginning and no end

should i take you back to paddington
Paddington revisited, my dorm

paddington, garden below
The little garden below

or to the eternal garden of delight

112a Teedale Street, London

Take the train! Follow my own gypsie lane
this is the land where the noble spirits rest
though bleak and blizzard,
with the language I can hardly communicate
i am asking "if i can stay"

well, I was lost in this vanity and liberty

paris tree
It's so bleak, so pretty

pont neuf
Any fool believes that love can be found at Pont-Neuf?

Lamps in front of musee du louvre

Art or luxury? musee d'orsay

eiffel tower
I'm trying to copy a photomaster's masterpiece, with low quality

Metro Abbesses

spinning heavyhorse
Spining heavyhorse

I reckon these are the most romantic stairs in the world, yes, I wanted to slide down the banister if I was not that clumsy

sacre coeur
Thousand steps for the deliverance, basilique du sacre coeur

It's so blinding

Beautiful Montmartre

That's the beginning, that's the end, anywhere in Albion


galaxy said...

呀......去了歐遊 .....

ppp said...

i got a very bad day,
and your tour journal made me cry...

kittyshambles said...

Yes galaxy, but already back to reality la >_<

dear ppp, are you alright?
*hug & kisses*

elptirb said...

seems that u have a sunny day in montmartre! last time i went there was a rainy day.. but very romantic indeed for the stairs :P

Anonymous said...

tmk, your pics are so beautiful, really great!! 果張鐵塔仲掂過你個photo master呀!! 原來冬天的paris係咁靚嘅, 我又要去!!


kittyshambles said...

elptirb, wasn't it more romantic in rainy day? paris is so big that I have to spend more time to visit again, but generally I love london more.

Vv my photomaster, don't be humble, humm... according to your schedule, your next stop is rome?

Vv said...

oh, tmk, you are too humble la.....pls post more photos

i don't know my next stop.....have turned down devil's invitation because of the serial killer....what a pity!!