Friday, September 01, 2006

1 Sept - Back to School Again

No. That's not a matter for me anymore, but I really want to say it, just to pretend that I'm a student. That's the cliche that we only value the things we no longer have. I saw many Form One - ers this morning, clumsy and nervous, some with their parents, cutie little things! I bet they do not feel the joy like I do. I remember the horrid feeling at the beginning of school term, especially if that was the first year to secondary school - the oversize school uniform looked so ugly on my skinny body (yeah, I was once skinny), my hairdo was disastrous , schoolbag was so heavy and obsolete, everything was just not right, out of time and out of place, while strangers were everywhere .... (given my crap social skill, it's still the same but strangers is not a big problem for me now, I tend to ignore them and live inside my head). I was not bright nor lovable, the faceless dumb in class waiting for the end of lessons so that she could go to Mongkok to find any new issue of depeche mode. Past challenge is the most easiest so I can now look back with a smile.

Well I probably will have this fond feeling towards my work when I work no more (wow, that wll be the end of the world - hands stop, month stops, save and except I win mark six).


galaxy said...

Form one就識搵Depeche Mode來聽,都幾叻 !
我那時成舊飯咁,乜都唔敢做 !
我Form one的over size pants,到form five還可以著, 夠誇吧 !

Vv said...

係呀, 諗番起form 1 第一日上學真係好緊張嫁 (雖然當日的情景已忘記得七七八八)!!

kittyshambles said...

Galaxy,我小六已迷上depeche mode. 哈,你的校服褲這麼耐用?真係非常誇張搞笑呀!什麼物料構造?

Vv,我看過妳小時候照片啦,妳form 1 已是美人胚子了, yeah