Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm in like with you

I do not know much about the supporting acts Shotgun She-ras and Waverjane. Shotgun was that country girls rock which I was not very enthusiastic about but they all were so sweet anyway. Waverjane was mellow and melodic, absolutely a nice first encounter.

Yes, this was a Yeti night. How could I imagine Yeti would come to Hong Kong? The Edge was a small club (which usually hosting hip hop nights), no wonder Andrew asked me if there was any better club in Hong Kong (sorry, andrew, i don't think so, or i don't know any, definitely there is no rhythm factory or filthy mcnasty here). Yeti boys did not have any roadies, nor any instruments (at least in Hong Kong), so they had to set up the equipment themselves and borrowed guitars from the shotgun girls. Don't feel bad for them, they absolutely enjoyed themselves, of course so did the fans or the scenesters (you choose it).

I absolutely love every minute of it. John once said that he already knew the formular of success, I've got no doubt, isn't it all about heart and melodies? (like that one particular band?) My favourite are In Like With You (sweet harmony), Moneygod, Merry Go Round, Working For the Industry, Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder and Midnight Flight (they sang almost all their songs which circulated around the net).

So, why Hong Kong? "that's because my aunt lives in Hong Kong" John said, "my cousin is here too" oh, then you should come here often. (actually, andrew also comes here once a year according to what he said, he's got a big family here though he was born in london)

hey, if you take a closer look, the band name on the drums was made by adhesive tape, very diy.

P.S. very nice to have met britple, u're so cute & nice ^^


galaxy said...

好犀利,你係咪成日去gigs / clubbing ?
可以識那麼多的非主流bands /音樂人。
有沒有寫樂評 ? 介紹下你喜愛的音樂人比多些香港人認識, 好野就同人分享下嘛。

britple said...

hey kitty, have a great nite indeed.. u are a lovely girl! u have a chat with the yeti boys? that sounds marvellous! hope they liked the gig.. and the photos in ur camera are juicy!! :P

kittyshambles said...

Hello galaxy, 我不是常去 clubbing, 因香港沒有我喜愛的club, 全都是hip hop 或 r&b, very boring, 我喜愛的是像london的trash, frog, dead disco (i'm not familiar with those in birmingham ^^, I think canada is better, right?) 好的gig亦不是常有,所以其實我是非常自閉的。我沒有寫樂評,只會在這裡自說自話,你亦應該分享下你的音樂心得啦。

kittyshambles said...

oi britple, yes the yeti boys are all very kind and friendly, after the show, they went to the door area and sold their band-tee by themselves, (not many people went there, poor)
Ha, you will have a much more juicy photos definitely, get more dpt and radiohead!!! (my eyes turning green)
p.s. I like your costume!!

galaxy said...

- 如果你有睇我的'英倫遊讀記'--賣廣告哈哈哈哈, 你會知我在英時為何沒有clubbing / 去gigs, 那是我的一個錯失。

- 沒錯這裡有很多不同的club, 但好唔方便, 我不是住downtown, 幾杯酒精落肚, 便不能駕車回家, 所以沒有去, 情願有時間留在家睇MTV聽聽歌。

- 我沒有音樂心得, 口味因人而以, 當年自己喜歡的band全部都變得面目全非 (成名累事), 而且我沒有當年的passion因喜歡某band/musician而去做資料搜集, 而且又少睇了音樂雜誌(唉.....)。都係聽聽喜歡的歌,自得其樂算吧 ! 近年喜歡Sarah McLachlan 。

- 最近看報知到你的靚仔英國廚師,在Amsterdam開餐廳, 專門訓練及雇用一些改過自身的邊沿青年。

kittyshambles said...

Sarah McLachlan 不錯呀!我有睇你的英倫遊讀記,明白你的原因,但是在英倫不去狂睇gigs真係對自己唔住(幾乎日日有野睇),我當時的同學口味和我不同,唯有自己獨自去睇,有時幾傻,但有又會認識其他fans.
Jamie Oliver 會在Amsterdam開餐廳?good! 又多個喜歡 Amsterdam的原因。

dada said...

Kitty, then 幾時去Amsterdam 呀?? 今次去有更好的理有..... hehhee!!

kittyshambles said...

理由從來只須一個... 但短期內不會去UK, 所以有排不會去amsterdam, 唉...

galaxy said...


kittyshambles said...

welcome! Let me link u too :)