Tuesday, June 13, 2006

If you allow yourself to be drowned in the poignant sea

The hilarious cover does not mean the same in the content. There is still a hint of sadness in all the things he said ... (unaccredited in all co-written songs?) or just like he said, he is still the same person, always a bit cynical, a bit suicidal, trying hard to grap his lost sanity. What a complicated person, so gentle and polite in every sense, and turbulent at the heart. maybe wolfie is right to say that he got more demons than the well-known naughty boy.
History must be a ghost to both, "I'd like that he'd like it", or the ghost of the loss of youth? "I've started looking a bit older"

I reckon he is still the co-captain of that good ship. surely knows what romanticism is, "Hey, you want to know what's romantic? That sunset's romantic. The West Pier's romantic. See that? The shadows on the water? It was all burned down and fucked. It's everywhere if you have a goood look"

The only part which made me laugh "I refute allegations of intentional homoeroticism", so it's not intentional, it must be something very natural.

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