Friday, October 11, 2013

But will they love you, the way, the way I loved you?

I intended to write immediate after the gig but I was too busy with everything, I now seem to be calm down a lot, but i will try to trace back my feeling (yes, I have reached the age of numbness, my feeling is the most precious thing that I do want to record it whenever I sense it).

Suede @ AsiaWorld Expo, 29.09.2013

I lost count of the times that I went to see Suede or Mr. Anderson.  I only know that whenever he made summons, I would attend without any consideration.  A ritual? A binding? I don't know.  It's the least I can do for someone I have liking for so many years.  Yes, I admit that now I don't have the full attention to him like what I did in the past.  I have many distractions, and routines sometimes wore my passions away.  So I just loyally attended the gig, without expectation that I would be surprised, a karaoke night as what had happened 2 years ago, though I also really longed to hear the band playing their new songs. 

I wrote this prologue that is because it was an unusual night.  Maybe the new album did inject a new energy to the band. Maybe we the fans suddenly remembered our long forgotten love.  It's like old lovers falling in love again. We sang out loud the old songs as well as the new songs.  The first song of night "Faultlines" already predicted it all, ".... Celebrate, there is no fear now, there is no fear now for us to feel."  And of course, we felt so young again.


Brett Anderson
How can I not utter any words of worship to Mr. Anderson?  He was extremely sexy that night, because it was his birthday?  I wore my erotic glasses the whole night, sorry.

The real prologue:
It was the first official autograph session of suede I attended.  I remember in the Coming Up era, there was also an autograph session in hmv but I didn't have the pass, I was always a failed stalker, always too slow or too shy to chase my idols.  This time if it was not ppp's reminder, I would have failed to attend it again (thank you ppp).  So, the first time was always nervous.  Even in such an old age.  I was always an uncool fan so I tried hard to play it cool.  Just a request for signature, with my trembling hands.   No photo taken with the band, no "physical attack" on Brett.  Very regretted in retrospect.


galaxy said...

係呀, 有時聽歌都要衝開心理關口, 以前的Avril Lavigne (現在好些她已廿九、三十歲), 最近英國的Birdy (十七歲), 聽她們teenage的歌時,心裡都有少少尷尬。
最近呀仔聽/睇One Direction, Big Time Rush 等pre-teen 偶像, 我要偷偷地screen/聽下 (一定唔會在人前聽), 才安心比呀仔聽 !

kittyshambles said...

Haha, 唔洗screen la, 要有聽歌自由!

galaxy said...

佢地重細嘛,好似舊年四歲的小安成日唱gangnam style, 什麼「Sexy lady , woh woh .....」咁, 就唔係咁適合啦。

kittyshambles said...

又真係要阻止聽kpop :p