Tuesday, May 07, 2013

well, it really really really could happen

Oh this blog is turning to be my gig journal, seems like I will only update it after seeing a gig.

Blur @ AsiaWorld Expo, Hong Kong 6 May 2013

But I still can't find the right words to express my excitement, happiness and gratitude for Blur. Yes, I feel so grateful that they're back together again and more importantly, they came to my little melancholic hometown, a town that is full of frowns. Oh but today is different (maybe it's just for today). Even the long-disappearing sun turns up again, I feel so energetic, refreshing but also nostalgic. I miss that feeling, and know what exactly that feeling is. It was the time when I was still a student, time was abundant and passing very slow, when radio would play lovely britpop or grunge (or at least radio would play music, not talk-show) and when my hometown was still living under the union jack. Gibberish of an anglophile, sorry, but Blur is clearly the very quintessence of British band, and that is why they're lovely, you know what I mean.

The night was opened by Girls & Boys. The crowd was lifted instantly and you could tell that it must be an exciting night. Series of hits, of course. I lost my voice by screaming and singing all night long (how we like to sing along, although the words are wrong). Amongst the hyperness, I was struck by the sudden sadness of For Tomorrow and The Universal. (well, hyper and sad, if I was a bit bipolar?) The lyrics made me think of the powerlessness of my hometown and myself, some unlikely dreams, and how we lull ourselves. Well, but that night was my lucky night, sad no more, it's not "and it really, really, really could happen", it did really happen, Blur was in front of me! The finale, Song 2, my most favourite, was it too perfect to squeeze out my last drop of energy to jump and sing at the end?

milkbox giving to damon :) Milkbox gift!


galaxy said...

哇哇哇 Blur !
當年我就係擇了Blur, 不選OASIS (雖然後來都有聽佢地D歌)。
當年苦練Saxophone, 想吹Girls and Boys
This is your blog, say whatever you want !

kittyshambles said...

Wow, u play saxophone, you never mentioned about it! Cool~
Haha, why must we have to choose? I liked both of them in that era, but of course now I only like Blur, because oasis turned boring after their 3rd album :p (just my opinion).

galaxy said...

because you never asked...... I used to play quitar and keyboard/Piano ..... but now I know none !
In that era, it was the money matter for me , I didn't want to spend too much money on CDs, so I only bought the CDs which I really
really really wanted . Furthermore, I rather like Damon Albarn's attitude and talent than Gallagher brothers' !

FYI, Damon's virtual band - Gorillaz
his ex-wife in the band - Elastica

kittyshambles said...

Yes, I like Gorillaz also, they came to HK some years ago, Damon was very cute that night.
I always envy Justine Frischmann of Elastica, she always got the best men in their best time ;p