Thursday, November 22, 2012

Those were the good old days

the good old days
Wai Che Printing Company in Wing Lee Street, Hong Kong

I felt lucky but also sad to attend the very last Word Jamming Workshop in Wai Che Printing Company. Due to the crazy rent market, Wai Che will be closed very soon (yes, we are glad about the so-called revitalization and redevelopment of Sheung Wan that many cool shops, cafes and galleries were opened there but we are unaware that all these moves will wipe the small old business out). Mr. Lee, the owner of the company and a printer for life, was zealous to share his knowledge in typography and moveable lead type printing in that tiny time slot. Of course we could hardly memorize the history, special jargon and skill as introduced by Mr. Lee. This is the cruelty and nonchalance of the passing of time, just as his grand Original Heidelberg Cylinder, lying idle and rusty in the corner of the shop. The good old days are gone.

Orignial Heidelberg Cylinder
 the grand printer

 mr. lee
Mr. Lee doing his labour of love

Lines and space
they are space and lines

words in random, beautiful pattern

... hmm, mr. lee disapproved someone's work.


galaxy said...

Mr. Lee 全心全意教授畢生功夫, 0個個人笑笑口咁,無呢正經, 低鬧 !! 哈哈~~

kittyshambles said...