Sunday, May 13, 2012

testing, testing

This is my first post written by my mobile. Yes, I finally submitted to the public pressure by giving up the reliable and still-running-good-albeit-nine-year-of-using my 2G nokia and shifted to a smartphone, what a wimpy conformist!  I admitted that I felt so uncomfortable and diffident when I had to pick up my 2G nokia in the public.  Now, I can be like them, the anybody them, comfortably possessing an item identifying me one of the members of this society.

Sounding cynical over triviality? Yes, that's exactly me.  While tolerating the overpriced monthly fee and reducing my time for reading (too bad), I can blog more conveniently (not only in the office for the sake of procrastination).  And I can take sneaky picture, that's so immoral and I actually don't like it, but somehow I just can't help it, such as a couple of days ago, a usual boring and sleepy morning on my way to work, I was suddenly woken up by a "bad guy looking" person (i.e. tatooed chest and dyed hair) sat in front of me.  He has a peter tee that I've never seen before, actually I never met any person who wore a pd tee  in the Hong Kong. 


galaxy said...

哈哈~有無上前搭訕 ?

kittyshambles said...

No, but if i were a sexy "o靚模" look-alike(does canadian know this term?),I would. Since I look like /am really a boring OL, I didn't want to scare him (or beaten by him).