Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark silhouettes collapse into dream

The Horrors @ KITEC 16.02.2012

It was a strange trip to and fro the dark dreamy labyrinth and the bright dazzling azure. I was almost too absorbed into the atmosphere that I could not divert my attention and took any picture. I just wanted to memorize every moment of it. Though they didn't play their early stuff like the excellent Excellent Choice, I was chuffed that they played my favourite Scarlet Fields and everyone's favourite Sea Within a Sea. It's perfect to end in Moving Further Away, while we were all feeling elated and elevated and moving further away in the sky, they moved away and left us the desire to want more. We could only continue to chant "oh I surrender, this is it". (what a coincidence with my feeling towards Yuck several weeks ago). A clever band, you cast a spell on me that I promise myself I have to see you again.

Faris and Joshua
The Horrors @ KITEC, Hong Kong 16.02.2012
Definition of cool, end of.

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