Friday, December 09, 2011

December songs

I can't stand the lyrics, too revealing, too biographical :

This one is also talking about me :

I forgot how I got to know Boo Radleys and fell in love with their music, given that I was (am) such a person who only love the bands with a look. They didn't have the cool image like other britpop bands in the 90's but I did (do) really love them. They always sounds so melancholic, even for those catchy ones. I was very young and should be like that of the old Chinese saying, "for the sake of writing verse, I force myself to be sad" (and "now I know the taste of bitterness but I can only say 'what a nice Autumn'). Yes, I should not have much sadness at that time but I felt that I understood the songs. What a laugh. Now it's getting colder, my hands chilled to the bone, as I listened to the same songs, I can only say, "don't listen to the lyrics, don't make me realize how they become my songs".

December is my month so this is also my song:

60's is such an interesting era, haha. There are other zodiac songs sung by Cosmic Sounds. Let's find out yourself in youtube and see if their psychedelic zodiac prediction matches you. Mine is, err... more like the ideal me (phew).

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