Monday, April 04, 2011

My Flash Delirium

MGMT live @ Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong 30.03.2011

Flash Delirium as the opener, how apt it was!!! I must admit that I'm still deliriously happy even it's nearly 1 week after. Since some time last year, I fell under the charm of this band so you may understand how I began my delirium when I heard that they would have a gig in my little hometown. And then, boom! Euphoria always flashed past unnoticed. Those ecstasy-filled songs such as Time To Pretend and Kids never failed to hypnotize the whole crowd into a state of bewitched rapture, we were all intoxicated by the beats and sound and oxymoronic to the lyrics, we did not have control anymore. But what i like most for the night was that they played nearly the whole Congratulations except the nightmarish Lady Dada. "When it's over, to breathe in everything exposed" what did it bring? A sweet trip. An escape. A lost. But did we find again? The last two songs were pretty autobiographical, The Handshake and Congratulations (and, I never thought The Handshake could be so psychedelic!). I was a bit lost. My trip ended, the show ended. The last two songs told me (and the band) what the reality was like. They seem to play well in this game of balancing reality and idealism (while i never know how to play this game) and I hope they will continue to manage well in this game (cos' they're called MGMT).

swallow many psycho candies

psycho candy


psyche or

psycho flower

-delic wall



The visuals on the backdrop were so much like the visuals after consuming substance (hey, i was told about it)

Ben Goldwasser
my fellow sagittarian hid behind the amp

Andrew VanWyngarden
ok, i tried hard to control my idiotic fangirl gene


Alya said...

Ok my story is quite funny. I was looking for some cheap Bob Dylan tickets when I was getting bored at work and I saw an event created on lastfm about it...So I have clicked on it and saw your nickname 'Kittyshamble' mmmmh sounds that she likes brit rock so! I went to your profile and started to look at your articles...about music...I was happy to see that we share the same taste and...the same idiotic fangirl gene (ehehehe). I was particularly enchanted when I red your article about Gorillaz and the love of my life...Damon Albarn!
It is nice to see people with such good taste in Hong Kong! :)
Your blog is fantastic, j'adore! And this was the tale of my 'random' story !


PS: sorry for the off-board message but since it was your latest post...:P

galaxy said...

有得睇/聽concert, 真好.....
TMK, 巧合我是GMT喎 (調轉讀) , 哈哈哈

kittyshambles said...

Hi Alya, glad that you like my blog, which is actually just full of fangirl's ramblings, yeah, fangirls of the world unite and take over! So you must have gone to that Gorillaz gig in Dec last year and yes, Damon was still very cute! Hope you find the tix of Bob Dylan.

kittyshambles said...

galaxy, hahaha, your gag was ... "site lei" (sorry, i can't type chinese at home)

Anonymous said...

A good trip for MGMT, excellent!

Alya said...

No I was not yet in HK at this time but I would have definitively gone there since I never saw Gorillaz live. But I saw Blur during the 'think tank' tour....good time! I wish I'll manage to find 'cheap ticket' (I was initially looking for that ehehehe) but I also heard that Bobby is quite a bad performer...But it remains a one-time opportunity to see him HK !! I might to try to go to the second concert...

Fangirls will rule the world! We should have asked tips to Marianne Faithfull when she was in town...;)

galaxy said...

not problem lah, I can read English..haha.


全是Free, 中文拆碼容易

kittyshambles said...

yes, Alya, Bobby (hehe, sounds like a friend) is so legendary, I'm not very familiar with his songs but still i'll also have to go to see him. wow, think tank tour, i like the lp, but that's the time when graham coxon went awol...

Galaxy, thanks for your recommended word processing tools but they're still too complicated for me ;p

Anon, you already have good trip every day and night, though your boss doesn't know