Friday, March 04, 2011

find a place to hide

Boss out of office means all work is shifted to me. I'm damn busy right now, too busy that I want to click to my old blog and procrastinate a bit. No matter if i drown myself to work the whole office hours or even work overtime, I still can't finish the work, it's like a series of tsunami, so overwhelming and non-stop, nowhere to hide. I have to press the pause button, be lazy and unproductive (actually no matter i'm busy or not, i always pause this button).

To sum up my mood:

Homer is always one of my most favourite cartoon characters, yes, I always have a strange fondness for the misfits.

The Simpsons way of life


galaxy said...

then "get a life" once a while

kittyshambles said...

yes, i really will watch "get a life" dvd of eason chan once in a while.

Sherry said...

"We are slowly dying" Homer has a point there.

Anonymous said...

Be a hea legal adviser la!