Monday, January 17, 2011

Bits and bobs for complaining

It's so cold for these couple of weeks that I only wanted to sleep or dream, inertia no matter in office or at home, and worse still, I seem to still under the influence of flu, suffer from occasional chest pain and headache, why did my 2011 begin in such way?!

Have taken too many western and Chinese medicine, my eye bags and panda-eyes are so huge now.

Money slipped away for no reason at all, I can't remember what I've spent but my accounts figures keep going down. Shit, all my banal and trivial troubles, money, boring life, even my complaining is so uncool, I wish I could be more intelligent.

I have to stop complaining, too many people have warned me that negative thinking would only bring bad luck. I have to control my thought (so there is even no freedom of thinking), I need good luck.

Strange rumour I read in facebook:
Dec 2012

Maybe we should from now on just play, play, play (but first I must get my migraine to stop).


galaxy said...

my boss was born with migraine.
Try coffee , it might help a bit.
Try massage therapy, sometimes your neck muscle/bone(hope not this one) press/stretch too much on the nerves which causing migraine.

to heal flu, just take more rest and fresh air

kittyshambles said...

then i will try coffee today, hope it works. can't imagine how your boss feels, i would be a drug addict if i were him/her.
i have tried a Chinese herbal beverage last night, it's 念慈庵葛根湯, it seems quite good.

galaxy said...

She is already drug addict !
She had already tried many medicine, but didn't work. Now she just live with it.
it is true that if some things you cannot change, you have to live with it.


kittyshambles said...

thank you for your various prescriptions, coffee works fine with me, though I still like tea more! "Head wind"? haha, you have much chinese medicine knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Kitty, don't be drug addicit, be a coffee addicit is much better for migraine!

kittyshambles said...

beware your words .\/.