Monday, December 20, 2010

festive seasons

I made my mull wine debut last Saturday, it was surprisingly delicious (and strongly alcoholic, good). I think I can be a good brewer or bartender, anything related to wine making.

it would look much professional if it was served in a glass bowl, but hey, it was actually very tasty!

made some quick presents for my friends:
just messed the frames with colours and further messed them up with cut n' paste patterns:

and then embroidered them with whatever junk i could find:

sometimes you will find it's easy to make people happy, but the first thing is you have to make yourself happy. Funny, i seem to be in good mood.


Anonymous said...

Mull wine- camden market, please send me the formula of how to making it please, it looks very tasty tim.

kittyshambles said...

secret ;p