Wednesday, August 11, 2010

late practice

This blog is becoming my journal for handicraft, haha, for my trait of sentimentality has disappeared recently, so there will be no words for music, poems or toothache. I feel like I'm pretty practical now, yeah, making useless things and feel like practical (do I make sense here?)

lace practice

It's difficult for a clumsy people like me to make a rubber stamp with lace-stripe pattern. Even if i did carve it (with flaws of course), it's so difficult to stamp it together continuously and smoothly like a real lace stripe. Yeah, need to practice more.


Vv said...

嘩!好靚呀!好smooth 無瑕疵!how did u do that!

galaxy said...

this is the real life as long as you are living on the earth, most of time is "practical" because of necessity of living/survive and no time for sentimentality.

功多藝熟 ! 繼續努力 。

kittyshambles said...

Vv, best actress, don't be so exaggerated ;p

galaxy, your words are 100% true but this practical approach to life may deafen our feeling and imagination, that's what i not want to see.

galaxy said...

對 ! but can't help.