Friday, July 02, 2010


Blogging is dying. It's true. We now are all content with those 140-characters mini blogs or the status-updating in social networks. For me, blogging is like a conversation with oneself. It's so introspective and contemplative. So unhealthily sentimental. Soul searching is absolutely tiring. So we are happy to update our status in twitter or whatever platform, be it just a glimpse of thought, an exclamation, a joke or a fact, the words are so light, humdrum and trivial. I can no longer keep honest to myself or encounter my own fragility and banality. I want comfort. Let's evade.


galaxy said...

yeap, lots of people have registered those mini blogs.
I don't want to register too many sites, you would never know if they would leak/spread out your email address to someone else. too many junk mails for me already !

kittyshambles said...

But those mini-blogs are good for stalkers ;p I just registered it to follow the bands or persons i'm interested in. I myself do not have much to broadcast. Ha, it's just an email address, seems not a very serious personal data.