Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Got that magic copy of nme but what grabbed my eyes was the gig review about Suede. A pen is of course mightier than a sword. They probably have the power to build you up and knock you down, and then build you up again?

"Suede will never lead beery sinalongs at Glastonbury. They'll never have hubristic documentaries made about their reformation. This certainly isn't for the money. It's more personal than that because, for Suede, we're all part of the gang too... Suede were and are for misfits and lovers, obsessives and fuckers. Suede were and are romantic, preposterous, glamorous, decadent, political, arrogant, and brash; everything a band should be, and so, so few are: just trash, you and me; the lovers on the street."

I wish I could be that articulate.

About the beloved likely lads, I was wrong to anticipate the interview would be as emotional as that of the Tap n' Tin reunion. Love still flowed between gaze and smile, but in a much controlled way. They are more mature now, no more outburst of uncontrolled passion, not everything must be shown in front of the cameras.

I like that peter liked the second dirty pretty album album cos' it's really an underrated good album and he did listen to the songs of his ex, i mean his ex-bandmate (or present/future bandmate?)

I don't like that carlos felt so avoidance and dismay when mentioning Anthony Rossomando, though it was surely embarrassing or even sour to mention stan in front of peter. When asked about the view of babyshambles, peter replied "I don't know about adam."

there is no fairness in all kind of relationship.


ppp said...

didn't get a copy yet. i know there would be a suede review but i don't know it would be that good! (maybe i don't think nme likes brett-after-suede that much in the past.)

but i've read that libs article (by the fans' scan version). yes, just like you said, it's not passional as the Tap n' Tin one, but one thing makes me smile is that's more like a four-ppl's-thing at this time. not those stories i've writen in my blog which all were just about two likely lads. (of course we care the two of them more but still that's a "Libs reunion".)

as well i like that peter said he liked the second dpt album :))

kittyshambles said...

yes, nme not only dislikes, it even "hates" brett/suede after coming up, that's why i was surprised by the positive gig review, which was so beautifully written.

you are right, this is the libertines reunion, love to all four of them! sorry my focus was always on the love stories.

ppp said...

haha... don't say sorry la! cos my focus always on someone and his ex too!! that's why my post comes...:p

britple said...

i was reading the nme yesterday night as well, haha. wondering the suede review is so well written (by a fan?) too :)

The libs interview is way too short (i want more...) but i guess they continue their conversation after and those stories behind are more interesting

kittyshambles said...

so we have to say sorry to john and gary, we love you though our attention was always drawn to the lovers.

ha, i also have the feeling that suede review was written by a fan, it's been a while since someone would use "beauty" to describe brett.

of course that libs interview was too short, too little photographs, we want a fanzine!! (though arguably nme is)