Thursday, March 04, 2010

stupefy; stultify

I always mixed up these two words and cannot tell the difference between them, I just think they are related to tiredness, being uninspired and stupid because of boredom, haha, so they belong to me, these are my words.

I haven't ordered many films for this year International Film Festival, though many said there are too many good films for this year, I may become mature (dumb) and say goodbye to the pretentious arthouse days. The bad thing is, I didn't feel bad about it.

Tears For Fear will come to Hong Kong! Oh they were my childhood's idol (shh)! It's so obsolete and uncool to admit of your liking for anything of 80's nowadays. Haha, no, their first album The Hurting is actually cool (and Lamacq just played Pale Shelter a few days ago, so it must be good! [idiotic]). This is an album which can poison a young healthy soul, haha of course in the years to come i received more poisonous albums and comparatively it is just a mild one. My mum also wants to see them!


galaxy said...

唔叫80後,改叫90前,感覺會否好些 ?!
Tears For Fear 準備回歸樂壇乎 ?
咦~~你母親聽英文歌? 她年青時一定很前衛,

kittyshambles said...

hahaha... 你遠在加拿大都興這話題?
Tears for Fear可能一向都無收山,只是不紅了,像其他所有80’s的人和事。(但呢排可能80’s回歸,近期d人覺得正的Delphic或Telepathe,我覺得有 80's feel)
我媽媽一點都不前衛,成個阿婆look,不懂英文,但又聽英文歌,我常半講笑半認真地不滿她為何不像yoko ono 咁又老又型 (不孝呀!)將來我有機會老了希望不要變得太阿姆。

galaxy said...

哈~~咁「喬」我又剛剛digitalize 了spadau ballet的cassette帶,放在車上聽。