Monday, February 01, 2010

she talked and talked and lost

"Now you feel ashamed
but he feels nothing of the kind
he talks of things he wouldn't mind to try, sometime"

I kept humming these lyrics in the lazy afternoon. We're all shackled by whatsoever important or stupid reasons. To escape, to run, to flee, whatever word you use, it's no difference and it's useless. No one ever escape. i mean it. To make this shackled life livable or at least tolerable, we make use of belief or religions or whatever. thanks for the lazy afternoon, well...

the pet society retro setting, for real.

"arm and arm we are the harmless sociopaths
arm and arm with all the harmless sociopaths"

Andrew Bird @ Grappas Cellar, Hong Kong

Andrew Bird @ Grappas Cellar, Hong Kong 27.01.2010

It's incredible that i could see Andrew Bird in Hong Kong! Year 2009 was not a great year for me and Noble Beast was there with me for passing through so many difficult times. So you know how excited I was when i got the news that he would come to Hong Kong. Since he was the only band member in the performance, he was busy in playing his violin, guitar and also recording the loops all by himself, but of course he managed it well. To talk about the show then I will just praise so I'd better keep it myself. I expected to have Armchairs (my favourite) and Darkmatter but instead i have Sweetmatter. Maybe Mr. Bird was not feeling the dark anymore. I like what he said about Imitosis, how the "capital i" lives basically alone and traps inside this mortal coil, ok he just said "this body", humm but, yeah.

Recently it's strangely co-incident that I have many meetings with old friends, the friends that i miss a lot, the friends that we keep writing to each other but seldom see, or just the friends i haven't seen for a long time. It's horrible to say that it's like a conclusion of my life, ha, anyway i won't be too sad to say goodbye to the cruel world. no no, it's not my point. i just want to say, it's so strange, only god can arrange things like this.


galaxy said...

so thank God for giving you those things loh.

kittyshambles said...

oh yes, i always regard myself as a non-church-going god believer.