Wednesday, September 09, 2009

solitude standing

I love those antique streetlamps in UK, elegance, solitude. No matter it's a peaceful night or a market full of hustle and bustle, they never fail to romanticise. They made me think of the lamplighter in the little prince. "A beautiful occupation", according to what the prince said, because whenever he lights a lamp, he adds one more star to the sky.

white night

squares, beautifully islamic
because they are beautiful, they must be useful.

We used to have them in the colonial past but in the name of modernisation they were all swept away.


Vv said...

I really love the first photo, the lamp is so beatiful n unique!
Thanks for sharing w/ us! Yes, we can hardly find similar stuff in hk now, miss it!

Vv said...

Can I use it for watercolour drawing?

kittyshambles said...

wow, of course vv you can use it, it's my pleasure!