Friday, October 24, 2008

They try to sing their wayward song, but oh what a way I found

strange that how you came along, 'cause what i want came out the blue

5:00am in the morning. It's the usual early morning, the usual route which led him back to the place called home. The odour of cigarette and sour alcohol of himself was a bit overwhelming and made him dizzy, actually he already forgot what kind of drinks or substance he had taken last night, or hadn't he? All he remembered was the empty talk and horrible jokes uttered by himself or people around. Empty but memorable, the memorable emptiness, huh, it sounded so contradictory, and absurd, like everything in the world. "Hey, don't be a cynic", he thought to himself. It's just a usual night out, to see the lights, to seek pleasure, "'cause pleasure is what the heart asks first" oh for god's sake, he disgusted his own pretentiousness, "don't quote any emily dickinson, you're not those f__king bourgeois art-school students, oh my, the word bourgeois itself is so bourgeois". He was always proud to be a working class, though actually there was nothing to be proud of. His anger just proved him to be a cynic which he denied earlier, and he was aware of it. He felt the dilemma. Oh even a trivial thought like this could be such intriguing. Easy baby, he was obviously too uptight, too serious. Yes, pleasure please. Pleasure was cheap, was primitive. Kicking leaves on the way back home, he felt the fallen leaves had thickened. Zipped up his jacket, he suddenly realized that winter would come soon, his favourite season.

on the road with you again, saw a stranger life decend

what constitues my favourite album of the year? of course it's not a rocket science so there is no formula. it just fits in/ clicks in/ kicks in. it may not be the most profound, meaningful, cool or melodic album of the year. sometimes my favourite may even be that neglected or forgotten album of the general public. funfairs & heartbreak of special needs and grown-ups of the lodger are respectively my most favourite in 2006 and 2007. it's always difficult to explain your fondness for someone / something so all i can say is that these are the albums i can listen to continuously without getting bored and these albums surely contain some sort of sentiments which get me everytime. Englishness. Melancholy. They get me everytime. when I first listen to Primitive World of Littl'ans, I know this one will be my favourite this year, though i also like that of sigur ros and dirty pretty things (oh yes, i like to rank rasn high, my taste and ears have problem) very much. The voice of Andrew Aveling is so tender and sweet, but he sings the wayward songs, the songs about the (primitive) life in a metropolitan city called London, the metropolitan blue. sometimes their songs remind me of those of the smiths, though Andrew is definitely not as morbid as Moz.

so, i was caged in my head, i was caged in my room, i was caged in the city, i have no particular person to meet, I have no particular thing to do, i just get on this ennui by playing the songs i like in my head, and i find freedom in my cage.

"Looked out
to the street up till now
at the crowd
through my window
sang along to the song
that played out
in my head laid in bed
watched the day go"

- Our Way, Littl'ans

Primitive World - Littl'ans


galaxy said...

好耐無post了,去了那裡 ?!

kittyshambles said...

都唔係好耐呀,有時你仲耐啦!financial tsunami無錢周圍去了,現在簡直是「生活靜靜似是湖水」。

galaxy said...

oh...「漣漪」 ! 無錢就近近地去大澳行下, 一定要上一上山吸一大啖新鮮空氣。 話唔定見到我以前的「腳印」。