Tuesday, September 23, 2008

monday or tuesday

Lazy and indifferent, I went to office as usual, reading woolf online, as usual. so silent that i could only hear my own thought, if i was not too drowsy and transcending to other space. What did I come in here for? What did I want to find? My hands were empty. no more gibberish, no one wants poetry.

i like storm. crazy downpour and strong gust of wind, nature's periodic mischief, reminder of man as insect (insignificant, inept, useless and sometimes disgusting), but the time before storm is real horrendous, as if there is no more oxygen left in this planet, i can't breathe, i melt.

prayer for the rain, prayer for the storm, prayer for an extra morning to sleep late.(news that signal 8 will be hoisted at about 6:00pm, too soon too fast, so what will be tomorrow morning?)

Lazy and indifferent, actually i've got work to do, but it's just too boring so i opt to type all these meaningless words in blog. butterfly effect from lehman bros financial crisis? probably not, this office has its internal ulcer long before, but of course the situation is now "frost on the ice". there is/was earthquake in my office, this time i whine for the job, next time will i whine for not having job... too horrible to think about, for the one who needs money badly.

I always think i should be shinji in neon genesis evangelion (i like/hate him cos he is so similar to me, the useless whiner and coward) but the test said i am rei (i also don't like her, she is a "natural-born" masochist) so i do it again, just change one answer (actually i'm not sure about the answer) and the result is pen-pen, great, i love that drunk penguin.

What Neon Genesis Evangelion character are you?


galaxy said...

我係 Rei Ayanami (凌波麗 ??)


kittyshambles said...

oh galaxy you also have watched neon genesis evangelion? that's one of my favourite animations, too profound that the author also lost himself in the finale, haha u are 凌波麗, 恭喜恭喜:) she is so cool ... at first my result is also 凌波麗, but... now i'm pen-pen, this is also a cool penguin.

galaxy said...

係呀, 好cool的卡通片。
但係我miss左最後個兩集(CD)呀 !!!

喂, 通常你係咪網上買音樂CD呀 ? 上次你介紹的歌這裡的HMV搵唔到。 有冇網址呀 ? thk thk

kittyshambles said...

oh why didn't you buy it when you came back hk last time? but that was not the finale, the finale was presented in cinema, which was very profound (the whole story is). recently it was "re-created" in the format of movie (totally there'll be 4 episodes), have you seen the first episode?

ha, u may order cd on amazon.ca, safe and reliable, great that amazon have canadian site, if i order through amazon, i usually go to amazon.co.uk, which charge very high oversea delivery fee.

galaxy said...

上次回港有更重要野做, 沒有時間去摷碟。
這裡那套戲沒有上過, 正版DVD沒有, 又唔想買老翻, 所以不了了之。
知道, 我會試下, thk thk.

britple said...

just out of curiosity, i am kaworu, is the character just as described?

anyway manic is coming in nov, what a surprise! bet u know that already??

kittyshambles said...

britple you are kaworu? a mysterious lad ... the description said he has "a beautiful and innocent spirit" which i doubt it (oh i doubt the character, not you ;))... actually i never figure out what kaworu was, a pure soul or just one of the angels who have to destroy all human being ... i lost in the story, just like the author.

oh in fact i only knew about the manics gig today, i was so slow, so thanks for informing, that's great! recently i just thought i haven't seen them for a long time and guess if i have to see them overseas. hope their ticket selling is ok, i don't think there are many manics fans in hong kong.

Anonymous said...




kittyshambles said...

I wish.

But I have not.