Wednesday, January 30, 2008

anecdotes (anecdote is just a rhetoric saying of travility)

Not a bit sunshine, the city has only 1 colour, grey or, dark grey sometimes. I love it dearly. It's so poetic, how i want to shout out loud "il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur la ville" (yes, very pretentious of me, i sometimes despise myself). This is the real winter (and it's so rare for my hometown), though a bit late. chilly air and drizzle, greyish skies and roads, it's the beauty of melancholy (and it's the abnormality of me). dug into my dusty huge cds mountain, i have to dig out all mogwai back catalogue, bleak music for the bleak sky (people), oh what an enjoyable experience!

Got the Feb Spin, my head spins no more (and spin is even cheaper than nme, unbelievable! or one more proof that nme is such a rip-off)

Jumble sale of hmv (which was actually held throughout the year) and Moz's Ringleader Of The Tormentors was marked HK$40, this was absolutely an insult. would somebody please buy the whole stock of it?


galaxy said...

因為灰灰沉沉令你想起英倫,所以喜歡, 但灰灰麈麈就唔係幾好咯。

kittyshambles said...



galaxy said...


Anonymous said...

TMK, 祝你鼠年有新氣象, 工作更上一層, 越去旅行越賺大錢, 越賺大錢就越去多d 旅行!! 恭喜恭喜!! VV

kittyshambles said...

wow, thank you very much for the greetings from galaxy and Vv, been eating too much in the holidays... oh yes, 祝galaxy and Vv 財原廣進,事事順意,最緊要當然係身體健康!