Thursday, May 31, 2007

the readers are even more useless

So it is not as if you are being ripped off. It is only if you are willing to be ripped off.
no matter just a small sticker or a so-called blood painting (in fact just a piece of low-quality paper with a bloody painting), i fall for it everytime. spent 5 minutes to complete an issue, just wasted $45 again.


galaxy said...

而家仲有賣旗咩 ? 以前好耐都未試過星期六返工, 所以記憶中我只遇過兩三次。 Kitty, 好心有好報, 唔使激氣。

kittyshambles said...

oh yes, 現在還有賣旗,galaxy在晒命星期六不用上班呀!

galaxy said...

sorry, 都係我衰 !