Monday, March 20, 2006

The channel launch party this morning

How I survive
with my awkward posture
and dangling mind
Sipping tea
sulky me
Business party
with plastic people (sadly I'm one of these)
Can anybody explain the meaning behind this?

Today morning I rushed to a party - yes a morning party, huh-ha
watching how people exchanged their name cards fanatically
and tried hard to cling to any conversation
(though they knew they hardly had anything to say)
This is something (they called it "social skill") I shall never know
To me, it is definitely a total waste of time.


Vv said...

Kitty, 因為你依家係高層人物, 不再係我地呢d small potato, 所以要做埋呢d "書way"嘢!! 咁真係幾慘幾無聊的.

如果有米就好啦, 可以學某人咁以旅遊為職業, 正!!

kittyshambles said...

就係我呢種小薯才會無聊,因舉目無親,高層就充滿friends la, 像我這些自閉電車女最怕啲「虛偽嘢」。

wow, are you talking about yourself 以旅遊為職業?

Vv said...

我都好明白你個苦況, 因為我都係小薯一名.

當然不是我啦, 你遲D會知是誰人了.

kittyshambles said...

Is it Joan? It's not a news as we know she's rich and always go travelling. So who else? do you mean dada? If yes, "sky no eyes" ah!